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I'll say it again...

I've said it once, and I'll say it again:

Stop using Twitter.

No, I will not call it X. If Elon cannot address his daughter by their preferred name or pronouns then I will gladly deadname his platform.

He has shown his motives in broad daylight, nothing more than a racist, bigot, and utter idiot when it comes to business decisions. He mistreats his workers all around the globe and denies the truth. Spreading misinformation from the right is a hobby of his and he won't be stopping any time soon.

By all means necessary, move to Mastodon. Not bluesky, mind you, but I'll write about that some time soon.

In addition to everything I've said in previous blogposts you would now also be supporting a transphobic bigot that spreads misinformation and creates space for nazis.

I also want to apologize for that post sounding like I had some faith in the platform still, I should've known better what Elon is up to.

Thanks for reading! I wish you a good rest of the day, evening, night, or whatever other time you're reading this!

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