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what a mess.

My life has been a mess recently. With me not quite understanding who I am or what I want and don't want to do, together with school absolutely breaking me without being able to leave, and debt that I've been screwed over with already, even before I was 18, now lingering in the back of my mind every time I think of anything regarding finances, it has been tough.

I'm not quite sure what to do at this point, as this could affect my ability to pursue certain things or rent a home in the future despite the fact that I've just turned 18, already being fucked over is just...exhausting.

It doesn't get better when I factor in that my school will probably pursue some action because I haven't been going to school for a while some time soon, potentially leading to more fines I cannot pay.

What a time to be alive. I hope the future has better things in store for me.